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    Flamenco gel and logsets won a Vesta Award, the fireplace industry’s most prestigious recognition, at the 2005 Hearth Expo. The product is a portable 3 piece logset that hides a gel box. The user pours Glamenco gel into this box and lights it on fire. The Flames leap realistically like a log fire without burning wood. The result is clean, no charred wood, ashes, or smoke. The result is also free of harmful emissions.      
  The Cobra Cashier Inmate Account Deposit Kiosk done in colaboration with Source Technologies took the Self Service Excellence Award at the Self Service Expo on April 26, 2007 in Las Vegas. The unit allows friends and family of inmates to deposit money into an account that the inmate can later access to purchase odds- and-ins. The solution alleviates correction officers from handling currency  
    December, 18, 2010 - Wrap up of electric car charging program  
June 1, 2010 - Jake joins team
September 1, 2009 - Amy joins team