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Jake is new to EHPDI and a recent graduate of Appalachian State University with a  
Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design (BID). He joined the team in June of 2010 as an
intern and became full time in September.  While in school Jake worked on a number of
projects that spanned a wide range of product development including concept ideation,
branding and labeling, mechanical design, and ergonomics.  He was also able to work
with the Irwin Tools design team on market research and product ideation.  Jake
concentrates on creating functionally and mechanically sound designs while maintaining
a focus on aesthetics. His strengths lie in product development through concept ideation,
cad modeling, problem solving, and youthful creativity.  When not putting his talents to
use in product design and development Jake enjoys home brewing and outdoor leisure
sports such as hunting, fishing, and snowboarding.
Jake Geitner
Industrial Designer
  Jake has consulted on projects with the following organizations:      
Leviton Hydroelectric Turbines & Wind Turbines      
Child Flotation Device