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Erwin Hani

“ Product development should be exciting and enjoyable! Our goal is to use creative and innovative talent combined with traditional and state of the art techniques to make your
new product introduction an
immense success. We do this by employing and partnering with the best talent and resources available. ”

-Erwin Hani-

Kris Thompson
Information Tech
Jake Geitner
Industrial Designer
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Amy Swift
Industrial Designer
    Founded in 2004, EH Product Development Inc provides innovation and Product Development services to clients throughout    
the USA. EHPDI provides value to companies as far away as Irvine California, Seattle Washington and Salt Lake City Utah, to
our East Coast home in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina here in Asheville. From inventors, entrepreneurs and small
niche companies, to Fortune 500 companies, we strive to support each individual programs needs with outstanding service
and commitment.